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How it all started
DYNASTY OF LEGENDS started after our firstborn amazed me by the new level of love,
excitement and joy that took part of me. Even though my son slept 60% of the day, I knew this kid
was going to be legendary. I didn’t want to leave his side and spent as much time with him as I
could. As he grows, we witness how he experiences everything for the very first time. That is
incredibly special to see. Our love for him is growing stronger every day.
Obviously, I’m not the only parent that feels this way. I know for a fact that my wife feels the same
way and claims to love him even more, as probably all parents would say. We work hard to make
sure that we can facilitate and provide everything he needs in life to grow to the maximum of his
Keep in mind I said everything he needs not everything he wants.

The inspiration
WE HAVE A BABY BOY (Big smile)
Time to go shopping for awesome outfits for our little one amongst other things that are
necessary when a baby is born.
Baby clothes all have fluffy, soft and inspiring designs and most brands represent the same
image in a different color. At least 90% of it. Occasionally I found some cool superhero clothes or
design branded clothes that would stand out, but much too little. So, I decided to start designing
myself. Designs with references to my younger days or other designs I could come up with. Just
for fun but different than the generic stuff.
It didn’t take long before I was getting questions about where I bought my sons clothing and
where to find them. The Answer was “nowhere I guess, But I can make you one as well”. Now
other kids started wearing clothing I designed. How awesome is that! Really flattering to see
those kids just enjoying life in something I created.

The trigger to start a Brand
Safe to say the main influencer was my wife. She is a teacher who worked as a counselor for
teen moms in the past. Beside the great success stories, she also shared some real tragic and
horrific stories impacting real people and kids who never asked to be in that situation. It is
saddening that this is part of the reality we live in. Unfortunate events that could happen to
anyone. Regardless the root cause of those circumstances, those kids are affected for life.
My wife actively works to help these kids and educate kids every day to make a difference. She
triggered me to take the clothing designs to a next level by branding. A brand that:
 Inspires people to improve the quality of life of children.
 Sells ethically and sustainable produced clothing items
 Promotes a positive lifestyle for parents and their kids
 Inspire kids to discover and educate themselves

Our Vision
We believe that all kids should have equal opportunities in life to become great. Every kid
deserves Love, stability and attention and much more to thrive and enjoy life. We promote
parents to be a LEGEND in order to raise a LEGEND
What is a L.E.G.E.N.D? Someone who is

Loving and Kind to everyone and especially their child
Believes Equality is the default for all kids no matter what gender, race or religion
Embraces Graciousness, Gratitude & Generosity as their personality trademark
Considers Empathy, Respect and Responsibility an everyday mindset
Strives to be Noble, honest, ethical, virtuous in everything they do, always
Diligent & Resilient at the most important job, being a parent

Our customers are parents that are conscientious of sustainability & ethical production and
focused on being a LEGEND as an example for their kids.

“Inspiring kids to be nothing less than Legendary”